Farm Toys are for Big Boys Too

It is said that a farmer remains a farmer throughout his life. Farming is a profession that requires intense physical as well as emotional involvement of the farmer with his land and livestock. Farming communities have their own brand of culture that is very different from that of city dwellers.

Tractors and other machinery is an integral part of farming. Indeed, farming as we know it would have simply failed to take off if there were no tractors. Given this importance, it is no surprise that tractors have become the first thing that comes to mind whenever the discussion turn to farming. Tractors have become so ingrained in the farming lore that the very best toy that a child on a farm usually asks for is a toy tractor.

However, this enthusiasm is not restricted to children only. Many people are surprised to learn that there is a large community of farm toys enthusiasts who collect, display and even play with their toys in public.

Why this fascination with farm toys?

For many farmers their most beloved possession is a tractor, most probably a John Dree. Farm toys tend to model the machinery used on the farm and hence the most sought after toys are often John Dree farm toys.

A toy farm set is a very appropriate gift for a child, regardless whether they live on a farm or in a city. Children often retain their attachment to their beloved toys well into early adulthood. People have been known to have their first set of toy trains or model airport set in their basement.

Nostalgia is a power motivation for farm toys enthusiasts.  Many of the collectors are usually raised on a farm and have been around farm machinery during the formative phase of their lives. For others, the fact that their grandfathers and fathers used to drive a tractor on the fields is a potent memory that remains with them forever.

Another reason of this fascination is the fact that vintage farm toys have their collectors who are willing to offer a handsome amount for the toys they desire. In many cases, the most sought after toys are the scale models of famous brands of tractors such as Claas, New Holland or John Dree. Farm toys such as scale models of cotton pickers, threshers and tillers are also popular amongst farm toys enthusiasts.

The fascinating thing about farm toys enthusiasts is that they live two very different lives. On weekdays, they could anyone-a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer or even a real farmer. On weekends, however, the child in them takes over and they start to either hunt for a rare model of tractor trailer or come together to display their collection of toys.

Even today, farm toys are a trusted source of revenue for toys manufacturers all over the world. Regardless of where a child is located, a model set of farm toys complete with a tractor and a barn has powerful attraction. For some, this attraction transforms into a lifelong love of farm toys.


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